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Daganronpa V3 Release Date & News: Downloadable Update To Improve Voice Quality

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Daganronpa V3 release date on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Japan was recently confirmed to be on January 12. Apparently, the game will be released first in its home country. But fans from other parts of the world do not have to fret as Daganronpa V3?s Western release will follow sometime in 2017.

Fans will be pleased to learn that developer Spike Chunsoft plans to release a new downloadable update for the game. An even better news is that the aforementioned update will improve the voice quality. This is specifically for the PS Vita version of the game.

The report comes after recent complaints that that the voice quality is inferior on the PS Vita version compared to the PS4 version. Spike Chunsoft apparently takes customer?s feedback by heart. The company previously released a blog post to address the issue.

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Spike Chunsoft Speaks Up

They explained that the limitation of the PS Vita cartridge is what caused them to lessen the voice quality. But the company did not settle with merely explaining the root of the problem. Spike Chunsoft reportedly assured fans that a new update that will improve the game?s voice quality will arrive. mentioned that with this update, they are hoping that fans will feel that they?re getting quality voice audio. And, that will be the case no matter what version they happen to be playing. Spike Chunsoft has not given an official word yet on when the update will be released.

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In other news, the first and second Daganronpa games will be re-released on PS4 come 2017. The first two games will released in a collection called Danganronpa 1?2 Reload. They will be launched for PS4 on March 14.

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