Cyberbullying: A Two-Way street or a Right for a Previous Wrong?

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Is chivalry dead? This is exactly what a woman riding on the MRT thought one evening when she surreptitiously took a photo of a young man seated on the train, who seemed to be oblivious to her desire to be seated herself. In a fit of ?seat? entitlement, she later on uploaded the said photo on her Facebook account, and proceeded to bash the unsuspecting passenger. This is what is commonly known as cyberbullying.

According to her rant, she was on her way to her condo, and she was waiting for the young man to offer her his seat, since she was so tired at the time. Disgruntled by the other passenger?s obliviousness, she decided to take a photo of the young man, and started shaming him in public?even calling his manners as ugly as his face.

The woman, identified as Karla Monique Olandesca, instead found herself getting the scorn she expected to be served to the young man. Netizens reacted to her self-righteous post of a seat being denied her and rained their own insults and bashings on her Facebook account.


Cyberbullying: A Two-Way Street (Photo from fairph.blogspot.com)

When TheBitBag tried to get ahold of the original post, it was already taken down?either removed by Facebook, or locked by Olandesca. We discovered that even a fake account was put up with her name and the posts are unashamedly horrendous.

The fact that she was bashed for what she posted on her personal account, on probably a particularly awful day for her, does it not make the bashers themselves self-righteous cyberbullies??

In this present time of anyone having a free opinion about anything, and posting it online without censorship or regard for the consequences, we would like to know where you stand.

Do you think the girl was out of bounds when she posted her rant? Where does cyberbullying end and begin?

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