Cyber Monday 2016 Airline Deals; Which Airlines to Look Out For

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Cyber Monday 2016 Airline Deals

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still a number of days away, but seasoned shopaholics everywhere are already getting ready to stomp on all the great deals. Although Cyber Monday is known as a great shopping date to splurge on your yearly electronic and hot ticket item needs, not a lot of people know that it?s also the perfect time to book your next trip.

Although companies for electronics and luxury goods have been squeezing the two holidays for decades, the travel industry is getting in on the action as well. Different companies will be pushing out great deals for the season.

Your vacation may still be many months ahead, but if you plan it now and book it on Cyber Monday, then you?ll be in for even greater savings. And if we?ve piqued your interest to go hunt for the trip deals already, well look no further. We have all the great trip deals prepared for you below!

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Planes Go Low

What?s good for you to know is that this isn?t all hype, a number of airlines have already made it official that they will be dishing out great things for the holidays. Although it has yet to be revealed just what goodies they?ll have in store for us, we can only imagine what sort of exotic trips will be available. And of course, the great savings are there as well.

As for specific release of promos, that too is still in the dark. But come one, odds are they?ll either start on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The Independent UK joins our sentiments saying that the best time to look for the best discounts would be Cyber Monday.

Remember, these trips aren?t just domestic ones, expect great international deals as well.

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Airlines to Look Out For

Although the deals aren?t out yet, we already know the companies to keep an eye out for on Cyber Monday. The Independent UK points out that these airliners have consistently offered great deals in the recent years. You should definitely keep tabs on: Qatar Airways, Air New Zealand, British Airways, Virgin Airlines, Spirit Airlines ?and Norwegian Air for promos and discounts.

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