CyanogenMod Project Shuts Down: Things That Will Likely Change

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When Cyanogen announced its nightly builds and services were coming to an end, it said the CyanogenMod project would still continue. However, the DNS routing for the website are now gone and has been unreachable ever since. The open source team stated within the blog post that they would continue the project with a new website.

Hence, further information should be revealed on its follow-up, LineageOS, on Tuesday. Furthermore, Cyanogen announced that all services, as well as Cyanogen-supported nightly builds are going to be shut down on December 31.

After Cyanogen?s announcement, a lot of people were confused. In addition, some people made a few speculations about what would really happen to CyanogenMod. Some people believed that there will be no change with respect to their favorite custom ROM.

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CyanogenMod Project ?Death Blow?

In a post on Reddit, the team stated that its code review and merge process should be available by Tuesday. In addition, the team behind CyanogenMod project made a separate blog post to show the list of changes.

Monetary and Infrastructural Support

It appears that all monetary and infrastructural support for CyanogenMod from the company Cyanogen Inc. will stop. This includes the paid developers that are contributing code to the project and nightly build servers. Hence, nightly builds for CyanogenMod will no longer be available after December 31.

No More Official Development On The Project

The team behind CyanogenMod will no longer work on the project. The company Cyanogen Inc. has the rights to the brand. As a result, the team has decided further development on the CyanogenMod Project is no longer worth continuing.

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Even if the team somehow manages to find an alternative revenue stream, they might still face legal issues. It is important to realize that the trouble isn?t worth given that all of the company?s brand including the CyanogenMod is going to be sold to another company.

CyanogenMod Project To be Rebranded As LineageOS

There have been a lot of rumors behind the scenes for the past few weeks. And now the official confirmation is now out in the open. It appears that Steve Kondik aims to revitalize what made the project so great. In that case, they might just mimic the old infrastructure of the CyanogenMod, hence, there will be no noticeable changes for the user.

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