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CW Frequency

If you watched the movie ?Frequency? that came out in 2000, this is a good time to reminisce and be awed all over again as its original concept comes fleshed out in the version of the CW Frequency, which is set to premiere on the network during the fall. It is scheduled to air every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m.

It?s the year 2016 and Raimy Sullivan (Peyton List) discovers she can talk to her dead father Frank Sullivan (Riley Smith) over the ham radio. The trailer just gives you enough of a glimpse to thrill you when this happens. Raimy?s dad had died in 2006 and when an unfortunate event brought them back together, they discovered a surprising way to solve a murder case.

It is a supernatural relationship that brings both father and daughter on the verge of being so close, yet so far in reality. In the promo video of CW Frequency (see below), the real story starts when Raimy discovers the lit outhouse during a stormy night and she goes in to discover what?s going on.

In a strange way that even Raimy could not understand, the old ham radio that?s sitting inside the outhouse begins to capture a seemingly random frequency that instantly puts her in communication with someone on the other line. During their laid back communication, their discussion becomes confusing for both sides, as Raimy then discovers the surprising, chilling reality of their situation: that she?s actually talking to her dead father.

Father and daughter will march to the unknown as they try to put their trust on the line using the frequency of the ham radio. Solving a murder case in the process, Raimy and Frank will have to deal with the past, with Raimy having to suffer more while she tries to recount the years and try to save her father from the crime that killed him. But there?s more of a twist at the end: because Raimy has dabbled with the events in the past, it changes the present time.

Produced by Warner Bros. TV, the CW Frequency cast include Mekhi Phifer as Satch DeLeon, Anthony Ruivivar as Stan Hope, Lenny Jacobson as Gordo, Devin Kelley as Julie Sullivan and Daniel Bonjour as Daniel Lawrence. Don?t miss the exciting episodes of CW Frequency by reading updates on TheBitBag.com.

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