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This unicorn onesie is super cute and comfy

You’ll never want to take it off!

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  • Cute design and comfortable quality fabric
  • Soft and comfy inner lining and loose fit
  • Side pockets to hold your gadgets, trinkets, and snacks 
  • Durable front zipper for easy bathroom breaks
  • 30° cold wash, hang dry
  • One size fits all

The Cuteness Overload Onesie from Badinka is made with ultra-soft quality textile imported from Italy. If you love working at home in your pajamas, then you’ll love this onesie even more!

Made of 80% polyester and 20% elastane, this onesie isn’t just cute; it’s also durable. That means you can use it as often as you please without wearing it out! Combined with a strong and durable zipper that glides smoothly, even going to the bathroom won’t be a hassle. 😉

The design is created to last a long time, too. The colors won’t fade away after washing and the design will stay solid even if the fabric gets stretched. No need to worry about eating too much or getting into strange positions while wearing this cutie!

This onesie also has a soft inner lining and a loose-fit design for maximum comfort, as well as side pockets for your gadgets, trinkets, and snacks! This one-size-fits-all onesie is definitely made for everyone, so you can embrace your inner child.