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Curve Digital?s The Swapper To Be The Last Game On PS3!

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Curve Digital will focus more on the PS4 and Vita after the release of The Swapper on August 5 in North America and August 6 in Europe for PS3.

PR and Marketing Manager Rob Clarke said that the game will mark their ?last big PlayStation 3 game.? Clarke explained:

?The Swapper is our last big PlayStation 3 game. The fact that the PlayStation 4 take up has been massive doesn?t mean that we didn?t do our very best on PS3 and Vita; we invested tons of development time to seek out truly eye-opening visuals and performance from the hardware.

I think players will be in awe of the current-gen versions of The Swapper ? and elated by what we were able to achieve on PS4.?


Aside from utilizing PS4 and Vita, Curve is also looking forward in continuing their support to other platforms. In the official Twitter account of Curve, the company said:

“Hello! The Swapper is now due out on PlayStation formats on August 5th/6th! Sorry for the long wait, it will be worth it, we promise.” – @curvestudios

Another post from Curve said, ?Moving forward, we?ll be continuing to support the PS4 and Vita, and increasing our support for the Wii U and, hopefully, [Xbox One].?


The Swapper which was released in 2013 on PC is set on Theseus, a damaged space station and research facility. It is a game of exploration of a very personal nature. It is an atmospheric puzzle set in the furthest reaches of space. In Swapper, players will use an experimental device that can clone the user and swap control between them.


Features of The Swapper

? Challenge: Fiendish puzzles whose solutions are only ever a few steps away
? Isolation: Classic sci-fi atmosphere inspired by the likes of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Solaris
? Wonder: A world built out of clay
? Mystery: Narrative design from Tom Jubert, writer behind indie hits Penumbra and FTL

For more information about Curve Digital?s The Swapper, stay tuned with us!

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