Curse of Naxxramas Hearthstone Adventure To Arrive Next Month

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Hearthstone fans heads up! This is the time you?re waiting for. Curse of Naxxramas adventure mode is coming next month, leaksters said.

In a forum under the Hearthstone website, Community Manager Aratil announced, “Just wanted to give everyone a head’s up that we are currently targeting to release Curse of Naxxramas during the month of July.?

However, Aratil also said that since there will be a lot of things that needs to be implemented first including the bug fixing there?s a probability that it won?t meet its first week of July target.

Meanwhile, he said that they are targeting to reveal the pricing details on July 1.

Also, it was announced in the forum that Curse of Naxxramas will contain 30 new collectible cards which some of them had already been revealed over the past few weeks.

The Curse of Naxxramas

Hearthstone?s highly anticipated single player Adventure Mode Curse of Naxxramas: A Hearthstone Adventure has been officially announced at the PAX East a few months ago.

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What does this new adventure have in store for its fans?
Fans will be pleased to know that there?s an ancient necropolis Naxxramas that comes to Hearthstone in a single-player adventure that anyone can undertake. The player has to pass and win through each of the five unique wings of the dungeon to prosper and gain new cards for the Hearthstone collection by defeating the iconic bosses along the way, namely:

? the oversized arachnid Maexxna
? the fungal horror Loatheb
? the shambling abomination Patchwerk

?Each boss has its own unique cards and hero powers at its disposal to challenge even the most seasoned of card-slinging adventurers.?

In addition to 30 new cards that will be added with Curse of Naxxramas, there is also an all new game board that the player will battle on while in their adventure.

?We hope you enjoyed this first look into Curse of Naxxramas: A Hearthstone Adventure. Curse of Naxxramas is planned for release simultaneously for PC, Mac and iPad. A release date will be announced at a later time. We?ll have further details, including pricing and availability, in the future, so please stay tuned,? Blizzard Entertainment said in their official website.

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