A Cure For Wellness Plot Revealed; Set To Be The Scariest Movie In 2017

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A Cure For Wellness
A Cure For Wellness

The horror and gore genre is a pretty tough one for production houses. Only a handful out of the dozens getting pushed out of theaters each year even get good ratings from viewers and critics alike. It seems Hollywood is having a hard time trying to scare us.

If you?re a scary movie junkie who’s looking for the next big scary movie to scare the living daylights out of you, well you?re in luck. A Cure For Wellness is set to be the scariest movie in 2017. And here?s why.

The Film

A Cure For Wellness brings a creepy twist to the classic horror hospital movie setting. We usually find the victims to be forcefully admitted into the creepy hospital for unspeakable horrors. In A Cure For Wellness, the sick patients want to actually be in the hospital.

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The Plot

The plot of the film features a young executive who’s gotten himself into more trouble than he?d first thought. The executive is on a mission to retrieve the company?s CEO from a mysterious ?wellness center? in a secluded location somewhere in the Swiss Alps.

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The executive then slowly learns that there something truly odd about the wellness center and it?s seemingly miraculous treatments. As the film unravels, he learns more of the wellness center?s secrets and slowly loses his own mind in the process. The shocking part of all this is how he becomes diagnosed with the same illness as the other patients, and gets himself caught in longing for the same cure as them as well.

Since the trailer for A Cure For Wellness came out, thousands of people have already joined the hype train. This movie is Gore Verbinski’s first horror movie since The Ring.

So many have very high-scary expectations for A Cure For Wellness. The movie will hit theaters in February 2017.?

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