CS GO eSport Tournaments: What You Need To Know

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CS GO eSport Tournaments

When it comes to tactical online shooters, few can claim to have the excitement and intensity of a CS GO match.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is getting ready for a couple of great matches this year. But first, let’s talk about some things that will spice this year’s CS GO tournaments.

An Overhaul

With Dota 2 using the same graphics engine as CS GO and getting some improvements along the way, we can expect the same to happen to Counter-Strike. Valve has just announced that this year, the game will switch to Source engine 2 which means better performance, some user interface tweaking and much more.

But What Does That Mean to Us?

Well, you’ll get a better frame-rate in case you want to watch the eSport tournaments from a player’s point of view. Also, the interface will be easier to use if you want to switch between players.

What About the Weapons?

Funny thing about CS GO is that unlike other games, it doesn’t need new weapons. But Valve did just that. It is believed that a new weapon will arrive and with the recent changes made to the Negev or the Revolver, we can’t wait to see the Polish team Virtus.Pro have a laugh at the tournament match-ups.

Tournaments on New Maps

That’s right! With the upcoming visual changes, Valve announced a new map pack coming this summer. With this map pack, missions will arrive along with weapon skins. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive eSport scene will be roaring with excitement when they will see new maps being played on.

If you want to see Fnatic doing a pixel walk on the new map before getting disqualified, there is your ticket.

New Skins

With the arrival of new missions, there will be a new weapon case to open. For those gamblers out there who bet on skins, this is what you are probably waiting for. Besides new skins, there will also be new knife shapes, so watch out for those, too.

Tournaments to Look Out For

We are almost halfway through the year, and the best to come is in the second semester. We will start in June with Esports Championship Series 3 in America and Europe. It will be followed by the Intel Extreme Masters XII in Sydney Australia. ESL Pro League season 5 coming up next and after that, we will be greeted with the Esports Championship Series Finals.

Now, most of the tournaments out there are just the starters. Here are the ones that should make you take a couple of days off from work:

  • ESL One Cologne 2017 that comes with a prize pool of 250.000 dollars
  • PGL Major Krakow 2017 – 1.000.000 dollars in prize pool
  • DreamHack Masters Malmo 2017 and ESL One New York

So there you have it, folks. Whether you like it or not, new content will arrive.  And with that new content, tournaments and improvements will come as well. However, if you ever felt more of a lucky player than a pro one, you can try some esport betting at

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