CS GO Betting Scandal: What Happens Now?

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CS GO Betting Scandal

For quite some time, some YouTube personalities plugged a Counter Strike Global Offensive betting site where players can try their luck on expensive cosmetics. However, other YouTubers claimed that there?s a conflict of interest as the personalities actually own the establishment and did not disclose it, and they have the power to rig the gambling results if they choose to. This fiasco inevitably resulted in a CS GO betting scandal involving the two popular YouTubers. Here?s a video from H3H3Productions providing a quick look at the situation.

According to the video, YouTubers TmarTn and ProSyndicate are the owners of the online Counter Strike Global Offensive betting site CSGOLotto. H3H3Productions was able to provide evidence for TmarTn?s ownership of the site as well as his denial of ownership in a video; hence, TmarTn?s contradiction of himself. TmarTn?s video of verbally denying ownership of the betting site has since been made private and inaccessible to most YouTube users.

Technically, TmarTn?s act shouldn?t be a conflict of interest if he disclosed ownership of the site instead of promoting it as a discovered site in one of his videos. It?s possible that TmarTn didn?t reveal that he owns the site because it could be considered illegal as it allows minors to indirectly gamble at an international scale. TmarTn has also disabled comments and the like/dislike bar for his video, possibly due to the protests that he has been receiving.

Meanwhile, ProSyndicate?s YouTube channel?s comments and approval bar are still available. In fact, the channel?s most recent video has already received a lot of dislikes. The comments section are filled with discussions about the CS GO betting scandal involving the two YouTubers. Meanwhile, ProSyndicate?s ?GAMMA CASE HYPE!!!? video has been bombarded with comments such as ?Scammer? in text art.

In line with this issue, PsiSyndicate, another YouTuber who severed ties with a CS GO betting site, confessed that he was also sponsored by a similar site to do a promotional video. However, PsiSyndicate said that the betting site rigged chances in his favor for the sake of the site?s publicity. According to Eurogamer, PsiSyndicate also revealed that his AWP Medusa and Dragon Lore skin unboxing videos were rigged, but he immediately gave away the items for free due to his guilt and the debacle that TmarTn and ProSyndicate are facing right now.

Currently, CSGO item betting sites are in a legal gray area as they allow indirect gambling. Players can bet and win in-game cosmetics which could later be resold into virtual credits in the Steam online platform. Additionally, the sites may also have differing age limitations for its users and may allow 13-year-old CSGO players to try their hand in betting on the cosmetics.

The ending of this CS GO betting scandal could be peaceful if their fans forgive them for lying to them. On the other hand, it could also be taken to court, and the YouTubers may be put in jail for possible illegal operations. As for now, we?ll have to wait and see if the fans will escalate the issue to the courts or if they?ll just be content with TmarTn?s and ProSyndicate?s YouTube channels losing subscribers.

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