Crytek Lead Graphics Engineer Off to Doom

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We already know about the impending bankruptcy of Crysis developer,Crytek. Even when Crytek did not officially acknowledge the circulating rumors, a series of bad news coming out of their own headquarters proved it. It is such a sad happening for all gamers out there who have witnessed their greatness turn into ashes. Crytek has been bleeding employees since the failed launch of Ryse: Son of Rome.

Crytek?s Lead Research and Development Graphics Engineer, Tiago Sousa, reportedly left the company after several unconfirmed reports of Crytek?s financial instability. However, things are going well for Sousa as he will be joining Doom?s official comeback.

In his twitter post, Tiago Sousa announced that he will be working with ID Software in developing Doom.


Doom was one of the most celebrated?first-person horror shooting games back in the days. Recent reports states that a new Doom game is currently being developed. As a matter of fact, ID Software has released a Doom trailer during E3 2014 at QuakeCon 2014 conference.

So, what?s scarier than demons and robots? ? A bio-mechanical Satan. Check this trailer and see for yourself.

According to the reports, it is a remake of the Doom Series and not an addition to the roster.

Sousa will be working with the talents of idTech 6. They will be working on the graphics engine that will be used for the new Doom game. However, Sousa did not mention anything about him leaving Crytek.

Sousa is not the only high ranking official leaving?Crytek. The game director of the Homefront: The Revolution, Hasit Zala, has reportedly abandoned the game and left Crytek to handle their own mess. Most of the developers who were working on Ryse: Son of Rome transferred to Homefront: The Revolution.? With no one to lead them, the future looks bleak for the development of the game.


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