Crysis 3, Metrico and More Free Games on PlayStation Plus This August

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Sony has just announced in its blog?the free games lineup for the month of August for PlayStation Plus members.

For this month, a total of six games will be available to download for free. PlayStation Plus members will get two new free games when they get released on the PlayStation Store?Road Not Taken on the PlayStation 4 and Metrico on PlayStation Vita. Additionally, other popular games such as Fez, Crysis 3, Proteus, and Dragon?s Crown will also be free.

For PlayStation 4, owners can get hold of two puzzle games. A new game called Road Not Taken, a 2D rogue-like adventure-puzzle game, is about getting through a forest by solving puzzles while rescuing children who have lost their way. Next up is also a puzzle game called Fez, a fun puzzle-adventure game released earlier this year, where you play a character named Gomez. He is a 2D creature living in a 2D world until he realized the existence of a 3D world and he immediately sets out on a journey.

On the PlayStation 3, Crytek?s latest installment of the famed first-person shooter Crysis franchise can now be downloaded for free this month. The game also features a new multiplayer mode called Hunter where players go up against a team of CELL agents with the objective of converting them into fellow hunters. PS3 owners will also get their hands on Proteus, an immersion game where you listen to relaxing melodies as you explore a world of full of secrets and creatures.

PlayStation Vita owners will also be getting their own set of cool games. First up is Metrico, an upcoming game developed by Digital Dreams. Metrico is an infographic dimension where you get past obstacles as you immerse to its background music. Lastly on the list is Dragon?s Crown, an action multiplayer game where you team up with your friends and explore dungeons filled with mythical creatures.

These games will be available to download for free to all PlayStation Plus members starting August 5.

You can click the links below for more info on each of the games:

Road Not Taken




Crysis 3






Dragon?s Crown


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