Crysis 2 Now on 3rd Person

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Have you ever wondered what your character really looks like while playing Crysis 2? The thing is, Crysis 2 is built as a first-person shooting game. First-Person games let you experience the game as if you are doing the job personally. Most of the times, the only thing that you will see on your monitor is your weapon, your hand, your enemy, and some other things, except your own body. However, there is now a mod to play the game in third-person. What you will see is something that you would not expect.

One of the most famous FPS games is Crysis 2. With its stunning graphics and awesome gameplay, everyone is dying to play it. It looks good if you are playing it as an FPS. But something bothered a reddit user and he created a mod to see what his character would?look like. The result is extremely hilarious

This footage displays ridiculous design of the character from Crisis 2. I mean, look at it! The body stretches like something possessed it. It looks like ?slenderman? with weapons and cool gadgets.

It is clear that the developers of Crysis 2 did not focus about the design of the character from a third-person perspective. The waist, head, and other parts of the body were not even properly animated.

Some in the gaming community already knew what it really looked like. They had already anticipated the look of a first-person game in a 3rd-person perspective. However, most gamers (especially the people new to the game), ?did not ?realize that it looks that horrible.

Crysis 2 was released back in 2011 and followed by a new installment, Crysis 3. A German game developer Crytek, which is currently having financial issues as of the moment, developed the game. Crysis 3 won several awards during E3 2013 including PC Gamer Most Valuable Game, Game Informer Best of Show, and Electric Playground Best of E3 awards


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