When They Cry Season 1 Review: Anime Falls Short Of Expectations?

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The popular horror anime ?When They Cry Season 1? has finally released its Blu-ray set. This will be the first B/R disc that fans could collect, and it can be ordered outside Japan since it is available in Amazon on March 15, 2016.

Anime News Network says that the When They Cry Season 1 storyline description reveals about the teenage boy name Keiichi Maebara who recently moved in to Hinamizawa. Adjusting his new life in the countryside, he also found new friends. At first, he was ?enjoying a carefree, lackadaisical life.? But then sudden change happened when he learned about the horrible deaths that occurred in the past in Hinamizawa. So, Keiichi started to investigate ?the series of dismemberments and disappearances attributed to a curse laid on the town by its patron deity.? However, as he started this investigation, he felt that someone had begun following him. Then, he began to suspect that one of his friends was trying to kill him.

According to ANN, the When They Cry Season 1 is ?nobody’s idea of a visual masterpiece.? It appears that the animation falls short since 90% of it is just tolerable while the remaining 10% is completely ?ugly, often at the worst possible moments.? As you watch the anime, you would definitely get distracted of its incongruity of the visual graphics. You would notice that the character?s face and body are sometimes distorted. With all honesty and to be direct about the whole animation, it is truly disappointing. But what can you say, there?s really a big difference between the animation of 2006 and the quality of visual graphics today.

Fandom Post also gives a review of ?When They Cry Season 1.? The website gives the video a B- rating, while the content and audio get B+. The packaging of this B/R set gets a B rating only.

The report says the content of the ?When They Cry Season 1? contains 26 episodes of the anime series ?that was animated by Studio Deen and aired in the spring and summer of 2006.? Those who love this anime back in the early days would feel nostalgic.

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