Crowded House Sold Out 2 Concerts in Minutes, Third One Set This Thursday!

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Crowded House Tickets
Crowded House Tickets

Crowded House has been selling out! But in a good way. It?s come as a surprise for critics and a no brainer for fans around the world.

It all started when Crowded House had two previously announced shows for the Sydney Opera House. Instantly, or rather minutes later, both shows managed to get sold out. Needless to say, because of this great fan craving, Crowded house has given a go signal for a third show.

The new show is set to rock out this Thursday, November 24. Tickets will be available sometime midday on Wednesday.

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If you?re planning to have a go and try to get yourself some tickets then you need to be quick. Odds are, this third show is set to go sold out in just minutes, just as the first two ones before it.

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Crowded House return to Sydney

One of the reasons why there?s so much hype around Crowded House is because a lot of people never really expected them to return. It’s been twenty years since their farewell act back in 1996. Since then, there hasn?t been any significant foreshadowing for any come backs.

The last audience that Crowded House catered to was a staggering 100,000 people during their farewell act. The current Sydney Opera House forecourt ground can only accommodate just 5,000 people. Suddenly, it makes sense why the tickets are getting nabbed instantly.

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All Time High Demand

The regular price of the tickets is at $ 120. But with great demand and relatively low supply, resell prices have shot up to astronomical levels. Just on the official resale site, there have been resell prices reaching upwards to $ 900!

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