Crocodile Hunter: Is Russell Crowe the New Crocodile Hunter?

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Crocodile Hunter: Is Russell Crowe
Crocodile Hunter: Is Russell Crowe

Love and rumors are in the air again. And this week?s spotlight falls on?Russell Crowe and Terri Irwin. Rumors of the two have been on the rise these past couple of months. It all started earlier in the year when the pair had been romantically linked by different media outlets.

Although their officials were quick to dismiss the claims, numerous speculations and different allegations have continued to persist till this day. And now rumors are hitting an all time high with the notion that the two are actually getting ready to get married. This rumor has already gotten people to name Russell Crowe as the new ?Crocodile Hunter.?

What’s interesting to note about the rumors, is the allegations justifies itself. It?s believed that Russell Crowe and Terri Irwin will have a small and very intimate wedding. If such a wedding were to take place, then it certainly explains why the couple and their representatives would be very secretive on the matter.

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The Wedding

The latest wedding claims come from New Idea. The magazine claims that a source has revealed the details of the wedding.

The source confirms that the rumors of the two being romantically together. The source says: ?’You can totally tell they’re into each other and have been for a very long time. ?

It’s even detailed that the two are actually a good match for each other. It?s explained that both of them had gone through some great struggles with the end of their respective relationship and because of this they are able to better understand each other. Thus, making them very compatible.

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Crocodile Hunter 2018

New Idea?s source then details the upcoming plans of the two?s relationship. It appears they?re ready to start making some big changes.

The two may be planning to go public with their relationship. Apparently, Terri Irwin doesn?t want to hide their relationship anymore. As for the wedding, it’s supposedly set to be a small intimate one sometime in late 2018.

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