Crimsonland for the PS4 Release Date Confirmed

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Crimsonland, 10tons Ltd?s dual stick top-down shooter, is coming to the PlayStation 4 this coming July 15, 2014. The announcement was made in a blog post on the PlayStation Blog.

Jaakko Maaniemi, 10tons Ltd?s PR Coordinator, mentioned that the PS4 version of the game is an update of the original that first launched for the PC back in 2003. The game started out as a student project but soon reached a level of success that needed a company supporting it. The PS4 version is largely the same but with tweaks like better graphics, new HD assets, and updated design and content. The overall gameplay though should be largely the same.

Gameplay-wise, it isn?t that complicated. Players control a Trooper who must face off against aliens, zombies, giant spiders and whatever enemy creature there is in front of them while using only a gun. Enemies will come charging from every direction so it?s all about blasting the enemies away. As players shoot down more enemies, more will come to take their place and soon enough, players will also need to be running to get better positioning. Players can collect power ups that will empty the screen of the enemy waves but will, in turn, cause the next wave to be larger.

The game has an arsenal of 30 weapons and 55 perks to keep things fresh and new. Perks are special abilities that allow players to reload faster, shoot poison bullets, and the like. That?s exactly what they are, perks. All perks won?t be available during the game though as players can only pick a few of them per game from a shortlist of a few perks. Play style and weapon selection will need to complement the perks for a good experience. Everything should interact with everything and synergize well.

The game features 60 mission campaigns in three different difficulty settings together with five survival gameplay modes. There are dedicated leaderboards for single player as well as two to four player local co-op.


Photo Source: PlayStation Blog

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