Criminal Minds Spoilers & Update; Thomas Gibson Re-hired? Series Tanked After Actor?s Departure?

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Criminal Minds Spoilers

The success and failure of any TV show depend on the acting skills and performance of the main leads. If the performance of the main lead is spectacular, the TV show will soon become a household name.

One such successful TV show which is boosted by the magnificent performance of the star cast is Criminal Minds. All the series of Criminal Minds successfully engaged the audience with its crime drama. But the same destiny isn?t true for this season, as the main lead is kicked out by the showrunners.

Thomas to reappear on The sets of Criminal Minds?

The lead actor of Criminal Minds Season 12 was forced out of the show because of an ongoing dispute with one of the writers. The writer and the actor were engaged in a physical altercation which resulted in Thomas?s ejection from the show.

Gibson, who has a wide fan following will soon rejoin the cast of Criminal Minds, said one of the sources. It may happen that both the writer and Gibson solved their differences and agreed to work with each other. Besides, it is also speculated that one of the writers will even add Thomas? comeback in his scripts.


Did the Series Tank After Gibson?s Departure?

Yes, the series had to suffer low ratings and decreasing number of viewers after the departure of the main actor. The fans boycotted the show and also raised social media campaigns on different platforms to boycott the show. Ratings went down to only 11% before firing Gibson, while the number of viewers dramatically decreased by 2 million.

The low ratings and dramatic decline in views led the show to the brink of cancellation. It?s possible that the producers might invite Gibson back after resolving his differences with the writers.

The fans are desperately waiting to see their favorite character back in the series. Stay tuned to TheBitbag to know more about Criminal Minds and many other TV shows.

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