?Criminal Minds? Season 12 Premiere Spoilers: FBI Agent Luke has Past Dealings with Fugitive

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CBS? Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds Season 12 Premiere

CBS? crime thriller drama Criminal Minds returns for its Season 12 premiere on Wednesday, September 28. Another suspenseful series is expected after last season?s finale saw an elaborate conspiracy to frame agent Hotch. Though the conspiracy failed, the Season 11 finale ended with 13 serial killers, who the team put behind bars, escaping after a prison break orchestrated by one psychopath hellbent on destroying the city.

Criminal Minds will pick up right where the last season left off. The Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) is now back to track the 13 escapees and lock them up before they cause much damage. Season 12 opens with premiere episode titled, ?The Crimson King?.

Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 1 Spoilers

The sneak peek for the premiere episode is out and the synopsis teases a new BAU agent joining the team. Adam Rodriguez joins as the new BAU agent Luke Alvez in the upcoming episode. He is tasked with capturing the escaped prisoners.


However, there is more to the agent than meets the eye. Apparently Luke shares history with the escaped fugitive. Luke caught the escaped convict Daniel Cullen three years ago.

Cullen was always a suspect but Luke and his partner couldn?t get an ID on him. In order to get the criminal, Luke?s partner goes under deep cover to catch Daniel redhanded.?So when Luke heard that he broke out in May, he joins the team wanting to put the criminal away.

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Luke to lead the BAU Team

Luke may have joined the team to arrest the sole criminal but ultimately he remains with the team. The preview starring Rodriguez, who plays the new character, suggested so. The synopsis reads that agent Luke takes the role as the FBI’s Fugitive Task Force in Criminal Minds Season 12.

Luke comes from a totally different world as he?s been leading the fugitive task force. With him working together with BAU to find escapees, a connection is made between him and the team. However, Luke clarifies he wouldn?t be working full time as he?s a ?man-hunter? but good as a profiler.

Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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