Criminal Minds Season 12: Hotch Returns In Elliot’s Pond? Thomas Gibson Back To Save Ratings?

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Criminal Minds Season 12

In Criminal Minds Season 12, rumors suggest that people will finally see the return of Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner. Does this mean that he was rehired to take on the role of Hotchner again? If so, will he become a regular in the series?

Aaron Hotchner Really Back?

Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 5 is said to be the episode where Hotch makes a comeback. He will take part in the newly formed squad of Agent David Rossi, JJ and Emily Prentiss. Furthermore, the new episode was directed by Erica Messer in coalition with Matthew Gray Gubler who is also part of the show as Dr. Spencer Reid.

Criminal Minds Season 12: Episode 5 The Special Episode?

In other news, Criminal Minds Season 12 is said to have a special episode in which Gibson is given a proper exit. According to reports, the said episode will involve Gubler and Messer. As

Parent Herald reported, the special episode is said to air this month.

Criminal Minds Season 12

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Additionally, there are rumors that the Season 12 Episode 5 is the special episode in which Gibson?s exit will be highlighted. In contrast, there are also speculations that Gibson is gonna be back for good and it isn?t just for the?temporary time.

No Word From Producers Yet

The news surfaced prior to reports of the show?s ratings getting bad as the fans boycott the series due to Gibson?s removal. On top of this, Gibson?s comeback isn?t discussed or even announced by CBS yet.

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Given that Gibson?s character hasn?t been removed from the script permanently, there?s still a possibility of his return. But, the producers and showrunner of the show made no words and statements regarding the issue.

Because of this, fans should take every bit of speculation with a grain of salt, at least for now. Furthermore, fans can watch Criminal Minds Season 12 preview below as they might gather more clues that might shed some light regarding the speculations.


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