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Criminal Minds Season 12 Beyond Borders Cancelled? Mid Season Spoilers &; What We Know So Far

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Criminal Minds Season 12 Premiere

Criminal Minds is getting cancelled, well that?s what majority of the internet is saying right now. But worry not, because it is certainly not cancelled. Well at least for now.

“Criminal Minds” Season 12 Not Canceled

All current notions of Criminal Minds getting cancelled is totally blown out of proportion. There?s just no real backing to the claims now.

Although it is important to note that the show has had a dip in views recently. It was reported that episode 4 had a dip in views by 10 percent, compared to episode 3.The episode had aired back in October 26, and gained 7.66 million viewers. Episode 3 on the other hand had 8.4 million viewers strong.

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So yes, their views went down. But it wasn?t very significant and it shouldn?t signal any red flags that the show is at risk of getting axed soon. So you can stay at peace for the mean time knowing that your fix of Criminal Minds is set to stay for the foreseeable future.

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In addition, the show is already busy shooting a new episode. This was confirmed by the stars tweeting it on Twitter. Gary Sinise tweeted: “Getting ready for some day shooting of Criminal Minds Beyond Borders. I’m tryin a little something different for Season 2 (sic).” ?

If all this talk of Criminal Minds has gotten you thirsty for more, well then you might be interested in some episode 6 spoilers. If you don?t want to ruin the juicy bits of episode 6, then turn back now or forever hold your peace.

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Episode 6 Spoilers

Episode 6 is titled Elliot?s Pond and it is described that three kids are set to disappear while they go on their bike path. The episode will have the team focusing on the case of the missing children to figure out what happened to them.

But in a turn of events, as the investigation continues, the team realize that the phenomenon with the kids is similar to an incident that occurred 30 years ago. The team set to find out the truth and they be able to solve the mysteries of both past and present in episode 6.

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