?Criminal Minds? Season 11 Spoilers Update: Who?s life is in danger on Ep17?

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With only few days left before the return of ?Criminal Minds? on television, we got information that will surely fire up your excitement for its forthcoming installation.

So folks, here?s a sneak peek on what to expect next on ?Criminal Minds? Season 11.

As the series returns, a new kidnapper will take on the spotlight to which BAU?s attention will be focused on. This kidnapper is different from the usual villains as they practice a unique strategy in acquiring prospect victims.

BAU?s latest investigation, according to the report of Christian Today, will center on a kidnapper who abducts children while their parents are asleep. This will take place in Wichita, where the BAU will be heading to in search for the UnSub. This next episode will be titled ?The Sandman.? Why?

Well, based on the article, the upcoming episode appears to be inspired by a European folklore, which has a creature named Sandman and is present in every child?s dream. But since today is now a modern age, these nightmares that children are expected to face is not from a dream; it is taking them away from their parents (a real nightmare, indeed!).

As seen on the trailer video, the new villain will use a mixture of sand and glue and sprinkles it into the eyes of its? victim?s parents, making it hard for them to see the kidnapper.

Of course, Derek Morgan, as portrayed by Shemar Moore, will put all of his efforts on this case to chase down and stop the UnSub. However, someone from the team will appear to be in peril. Who is he? We?ll know once episode 17 is aired on television.

Aside from a new investigation, Morgan, based on the article, will continue his search for the abductors who kidnapped him in the last episode. If you would remember, Morgan was almost killed but of course, was able to escape last minute.

So it is safe to assume that someone is trying to kill him, making his family and close friends? lives in danger as well. It should be noted that the promotional video also shows Morgan kissing his girlfriend Savannah Hayes (played by Rochelle Aytes) who is pregnant.

Meanwhile, the next show is directed by Joe Mantega, who happens to be the BAU?s supervisory special agent, David Rossi. The forthcoming episode of the “Criminal Minds” season 11 will air on Wednesday, March 16, on CBS.

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