?Criminal Minds? Season 11 Spoilers: BAU To Hunt Down Child Abductor

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Will there be a new kidnapper to be tracked down?

Here?s a sneak peek of what to expect on the 250th installment of ?Criminal Minds.?

According to a report from Christian Today, the BAU will try to track down a new kidnapper in the episode titled ?The Sandman.? Here, the team heads for Wichita to apprehend the UnSub, a particularly nasty fellow known for stealing children while their parents are asleep. But what makes the upcoming episode more interesting the report reveals, is that Joe Mantegna, who portrays the role of BAU supervisor David Rossi, will be directing the show.

Here?s the synopsis for the next installment:

“The BAU is going to head to Wichita in search of an UnSub abducting children while their parents sleep. Also, Morgan will end up trying to find out who was responsible for his attack.”

Meanwhile, based on Christian Today, showrunner Erica Messer said with TVLine the episode is called Sandman as the UnSub normally sprinkles sand into his victims? eyes. “It’s pretty brutal but it’s amazing,” the showrunner revealed as posted in the article.

Messer also shared that next show will feature a great cliffhanger that will make fans stay tuned until the next episode. The 251st installment entitled ?A Beautiful Disaster? will be directed by another cast, Matthew Gray Gubler.

As of August last year, Gubler told Zap2it that the episode that he will direct for “Criminal Minds” season 11 will reveal another BAU member planning to leave the team. “I am [directing]. There’s a special episode. I almost don’t want to give it away, but I might as well. It’s the departure of one of the regular team members,” the actor, who portrays the role of genius FBI Special Agent Spencer Reid said.

So who will be leaving the team? We know nothing yet.

“Criminal Minds” season 11 episode 17 airs March 16 on CBS.

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