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Cricket All Stars Live Steam Link And Analysis: Who Will Take On Texas?

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After New York, the legends of Cricket are taking on Houston, Texas for the second game of this unforgettable game. We expect to see more of Shane Warne and Sachin Tendulkar battle it out on the field.

With second half of the game remaining, we expect more glorious shots from both teams. Some of the highlights:

  • Six monster shots from Andrew Symmonds earlier
  • Ricky Ponting stepping up big time in the first half
  • Fox Sports shares: Shoaib almost had the wicket of Kallis, but Sourav Ganguly couldn’t quite take the catch in the outfield. He’s lost a bit of pace since his playing days. And he didn’t have that much to start with! Warne’s warriors 2-107 in the 10th over.
  • Another couple of big sixes, first from Sangakkara then from Kallis, and all of a sudden Warne’s Warriors are up to 2-91 in the 10th over.
  • Jacques Kallis almost run out by Tendulkar…but the third umpire rules that wicketkeeper Jayawardene broke the stumps with his gloves first.

This All Star match is all part of a dream made come true by Shane Warne and Sachin Tendulkar ? a dream to gather some of the greatest cricket players of ?recent decades? to play a match for more than 30,000 fans in the US. The ?Australian spinner? and the ?Indian batting maestro? considerably created one of the most important events in cricket history as they journey towards a cricket globalization, with America as their first stop in the three-match Twenty20 Cricket All-Stars series, according to the Guardian.

The first game was held in the New York Mets? Citi Field Stadium, the All-Star match of outstanding cricket players amazed the crowd of 36,000 fans with Warne?s Warriors beating Sachin?s Blasters in an exhilarating match. ?I think it showcased the game of cricket really, really well and that?s the one thing,? Warne said in an interview with the Guardian. ?Some people have been skeptical about it and said, ?How are all of these retired players going to play?? You saw the standard of play.?

To watch the rest of game 2, and to see real time updates, check out the live stream link here.

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