Creator of ‘Gravity Falls’ Toils on Presidential Pokemon

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Presidential Pokemon

If you haven?t found humor in the current U.S. presidential bids, then ?Gravity Falls? creator Alex Hirsch maybe the perfect person to deliver just that. According to Comic Book Resources, Hirsch discovered the Presidential Pokemon idea while listening to the current presidential news.

With the recent ?Gravity Falls? wrap up, Hirsch must have all the time to consider treating his fans to some hilarious Presidential Pokemon designs. First on the list is Donald Trump as Muck, Bernie Sanders as Charmander and Marco Rubio as Diglett. Added to the fun is Hillary Clinton who, Hirsch had expertly drawn as Butterfree. As talented as he may seem, Alex said he was unable to come up with any idea on how to incorporate Ted Cruz in the presidential pokemon trend.

Dana Terrace, artist in the ?Gravity Falls? show joined in the fun by creating a simple caricature that Hirsch showed online and captioned as ?None of my drawings come close to this HypnoCruz by @DanaTerrace.?

Meanwhile, Hirsch main project, ?Gravity Falls? had a few spoilers online – if readers want to know, continue reading this post. According to Movie Pilot, Dipper is just a nickname and the character actually has his own real name. ?Dipper? was derived from his Big Dipper birthmark. A list of the Cipher Wheel is also introduced, something that only appears after the theme song of every episode. The list includes Ice (Wendy), Shooting Star (Mabel), Pine Tree (Dipper), Llama (Pacifica), Crescent Thing (Stan), Star (Gideon), 6-Fingered Hand (Ford), Glasses (McGucket), Stitched Heart (Robby) and Question Mark (Soos).

In Weirdmageddon Part 3, Bill?s final statement says ?A-X-O-L-O-T-L. MY TIME HAS COME TO BURN, I INVOKE THE ANCIENT POWER THAT I MAY RETURN.? Another Gravity Falls spoiler includes the death of another character, but Hirsch did not confirm which one exactly.

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