Create a Short Movie Through an iPad App in Just Minutes!

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Summer has just ended. You went to beautiful places and captured every wonderful scene your phone can. Are you guilty of having lots of pictures in your gallery? You sure cannot delete them because they are all worth posting and bragging (sometimes) but you are just worried that people will get annoyed if you will flood their news feed with your pictures. Putting them in an album is so traditional and boring when you can make a story of your trip in a movie form. Animoto did just that!

The app first started on the Web, then to iOS and Android, and finally on the iPad. Animoto allows you to choose photos and videos from you camera roll and pick a visual theme then add the perfect soundtrack. There you have it! A short movie based on your likings. You can share your movie of the trip or an event without flooding the news feed of your family and friends. Totally hassle-free!



Three-simple steps! (via: recode)

1.)??? Click ?Create Video? located at the upper right-hand corner. Automatically, a pop-out for the selection of photos and videos in your camera roll and Apple photo stream will show.

2.)??? After choosing, another pop-out window appears with 50 editing styles and graphics. The styles range from generic motifs like ?Documentary,? ?Portfolio? and ?Collage,? to more specific ones like ?Old Glory,? ?Birthday Gifts,? or ?Globetrotter.? Each style suggests a song that goes along with it but the beauty in this app is you can freely choose a song from your own music playlist.

3.)??? ?Preview? ? The part where you will render your movie that will take about 30 seconds and if you are done editing you can now click ?Love it, let?s save this video,? and if not, you tap another that says ?Almost There. Continue Editing.?

The Animoto iPad app is free. There is also a basic version of the app called Lite which is also free. However in Lite, you are mostly limited. You can only get 5 seconds from your video clips and your move cannot be more than 30 seconds long. The app also has a Plus version that costs $30 a year and $5 a month. The Plus version gives you more chances to include photos and videos as it can create a 10 minute long movie and you can also download your finished movie.

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