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Create a living art wall and grow your plants in this elegant smart frame

Hang your plants anywhere in your house and make them survive with this full-spectrum light

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Plants make homes aesthetically pleasing and bring certain calmness in the space they are in. People want them in bathrooms and all corners of a room. But the biggest challenge in taking care of indoor plants is accidentally depriving them of warm sunlight. But you no longer have to face this problem now that there are smart and sustainable solutions to living in your own green dream home. One of these is the Modern Sprout Smart Growhome.

The Modern Sprout Smart Growframe is a WiFi-enabled frame with smart led lights that lets your plants absorb light even in dim spaces through a full-spectrum and eco-friendly LED light.

Because of this light, it can provide photosynthesis to make sure your plants can thrive on any wall in the house. It beautifully frames and thoughtfully nourishes low-to-bright, light-loving plants.

Full-spectrum LEDs supply an ideal balance of light for vegetative plants and seed starting. The design provides a protective, higher humidity environment perfect for starting plant clippings or transplanting indoors. LEDs run at low temps thus, eliminating the risk of burning young seedlings/plants. The timer will set the light automatically on and off, ensuring your plants get plenty of light every day.

How do grow lights work?

A full-spectrum grow light provides photosynthesis to other plant pigments. The combination of all spectrums is emitted as a natural, warm sun-like white color instead of the harsh bluish glare of other commercial grow lights.

Modern Sprout sees gardening as meditative and thoroughly rewarding. Their mission is simple: uncomplicate indoor gardening. Using the logic of hydroponics redesigned into beautiful, space-savvy products, they help you overcome modern gardening challenges. Modern Sprout products bring you the holistic qualities of plants, frustration-free.

Brand sustainability

Modern Sprout has been committed to domestic sourcing and manufacturing when possible, reducing plastic materials in its products and packaging, and building its products with sustainable materials. From donating a percentage of proceeds to the Pollinator Partnership for ecosystem protection to partnering with the Heartland Alliance to employ Chicago’s most vulnerable residents. Modern Sprout is dedicated to making our community and earth a better place.
Living in a home full of greens is a dream come true. With Modern Sprout Smart Growframe, you can grow indoor gardens even if you don’t have a backyard garden.