Create a jaw-dropping eBook in as fast as 5 minutes with this all-in-one software

This software turns you into an author in a flash, no writing skills required!

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Whether you want to write an eBook for your business or do it to simply share your expertise in a certain niche, we know that the process isn’t as easy as we want it. In fact, it involves several tedious steps, not to mention the writing, designing, publishing that takes countless hours. But who says you have to go through this painful process when you can get your eBook done in as fast as 5 minutes?


That’s right! You can create an amazing eBook as well as reports, whitepapers and other pieces in minutes with Sqribble!

Why do I need Sqribble?


Sqribble is an all-in-one software that can help you create jaw-dropping eBooks on demand! Whether or not you have the skills required for writing a compelling eBook, Sqribble is here to help. With Sqribble you won’t have to do the following:

  • Waste hours searching for a “good” designer on freelance sites.

  • Wait 5 – 14 days for the designer to come back only to be disappointed

  • Spend several hundred bucks per design template from stock websites.

  • Spend hours writing all the content from scratch.

  • Burn $250 – $650 hiring a freelance writer online.



How does Sqribble work?

From writing to publishing your eBook, you can rely on Sqribble to do all the job for you. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: You have to pick a template from an extensive selection of eye-catching design. 


Step 2: Add instant content without writing from scratch. All you have to do is to paste a URL and watch how Sqribble create fresh, ready-made content!

Step 3: Choose a theme and feel free to customize. And voila! Your eBook is ready for publishing!

That’s it! In a matter of a few minutes, you’ll have an awesome eBook ready to sell online. Easy peasy!