Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 7 Spoilers: Rebecca and Friends Discovers Josh’s New Girl; Rebecca and Paula Reunion Coming Up?

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 2 episode 7 shows Rebecca and her friends discovering Josh’s new girl. Rebecca, together with new pals Valencia and Heather, go on a mission to do a background check on Josh’s new girl.

Curiously though, the gang found out something totally unexpected about Josh’s new lady love, Anna, who is played by Pitch Perfect alum Brittany Snow. TVLine mentioned that her character is a hip and cool L.A. chick. She’s also a glam entrepreneur who marches into town and turns Rebecca’s world upside down.

Unfortunately for Paula, things are still taking a downward spiral turn. Not only does she feel out of place in Rebecca’s new group, she feels that Scott is moving farther and farther away. Good thing she found a new friend in Sunil.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 7 Synopsis

The show’s official synopsis basically sums up what’s in store for the viewers. It reads, “Rebecca and Valencia investigate the new girl Josh has been dating and discover way more than they bargained for. Meanwhile, Paula gets pulled in different directions and feels disconnected from her husband Scott.”

Per mobilenapps.com, the previous episode showed that you can have a great show even without a boyfriend issue. It doesn’t have to be about them all the time, does it? It featured great girl bonding and some wacky moments among Rebecca and her friends Heather and Valencia. Paula meanwhile has bestie Sunil to keep her all smiles.

Rebecca and Paula Reunion Soon?

Meanwhile, fans are dying to know when Paula and Rebecca will be reunited. Speculations are going around that the highly anticipated reunion may take a little bit more time. No matter how much they love each other, Rebecca and Paula simply have different views on a lot of things. For one, Paula seem to think Rebecca and her friends are shallow, not wanting anything but spend time taking selfies. They’re trying to make people envious all the time. Nevertheless, Rebecca and Paula have formed a special bond that could not easily be broken.

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