Crazy Ex Girlfriend Finale: Greg Coming Back?

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Fans of Crazy Ex Girlfriend will surely want to know some spoilers about the finale of the show. Based on claims circulating the internet, it seems like a love triangle will finally end as one character is set to leave the series.

It was previously reported that Santino Fontana has been written off from the show. He only signed a one-year contract, which is why he is leaving. As a result, a lot of fans are now disappointed because it would mean the stoppage of a great love triangle between Greg, Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) and Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III).

Showrunner Brosh McKenna, on the other hand, has different feelings about Fontana?s departure. According to him, it is the perfect timing for him to leave and the love triangle to stop. Fans know that Greg is Rebecca?s love interest, but it is also a known fact that they are having a tough time getting along with each other so it is better to end things right now.

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Now, the important question is, will Greg ever return to Crazy Ex Girlfriend? As of writing, it is really hard to speculate. But because he is one of the most popular characters of the show, his return is quite possible. However, it might take some time before he can appear on the show again for he has a lot of other commitments.

Fontana recently shared that when season 1 ended, he was not sure whether or not there was a second season. So, he looked for other acting jobs like in the movies and theater plays. When the show was renewed, it was too late for him to back out from his other commitments.

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On a good note, there are speculations that Greg would be in the show before season 2 ends. Others claim that he would return in the season?s finale. Should that be the case, then it is safe to assume that the show will be renewed for another season and Greg will be there for the fans. But, keep in mind that these are just fan-based speculations so take it with a grain of salt.

How about you? Do you think Greg will return soon in Crazy Ex Girlfriend? Or, is he out for good? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The show airs every Monday on The CW at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

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