Crash Bandicoot PS4 Possibly Not A One-Off Project, Crash Team Racing PS4 Remaster Could Happen

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Crash Bandicoot PS4 Release Date
Source: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – PlayStation Experience 2016: The Come Back Trailer | PS4 video

Things could get a little nostalgic next month as Crash Bandicoot is set to make his triumphant return on to consoles this June 30. Players are pretty excited to see the first three games remastered but they might be looking for more Crash Bandicoot remasters. Is the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy the only Crash Bandicoot PS4 game?

In an interview with Game Central, Vicarious Visions’ Kara Massie reveals their plans for the future of Crash Bandicoot PS4 games aside from the upcoming Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. If players receive the upcoming trilogy well, then we might be getting more Crash Bandicoot remasters in the future.

When asked whether or not bringing back Crash Bandicoot is just a one-off project to celebrate the series’ anniversary, Massie notes that the future of the series is yet to be discussed. The chances of getting more titles developed depends on how well the upcoming trilogy does in the market.

As for what the possible next title could be, fans and everyone else are probably looking in the direction of Crash Team Racing, which is clearly one of the most popular entries in the series to date. There’s should be no surprise if the developer decides to remaster this game next as Massie stated that it’s one of the most popularly requested games.

Crash Team Racing was basically, former developer Naughty Dog’s take on the kart racing genre popularized by Mario Kart. Instead of the usual platforming take on the series, Crash Team Racing focused solely on kart racing and the elements in-game are similar to that of Mario Kart’s. Players go head-to-head in wacky arenas and power ups are present as well. The simple formula proved to be quite addicting to some and it led to the development of an indirect and slightly less popular sequel called Crash Nitro Kart.

The game was received very well, managing to grab an overall score of 88/100 over at Metacritic. If there’s one downside to the game, it’s definitely the audio as it received mixed response from the community.

We’ve yet to know just how big a hit the upcoming trilogy is but based on the hype from the community, it might be a successful remaster. If that does succeed, then we can expect to see Crash Team Racing, and other Crash Bandicoot PS4 games in the future.

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