Crash Bandicoot PS4 Remaster: First Gameplay Reveal Coming This Holiday?

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When is the Crash Bandicoot PS4 remaster coming out? More importantly, when will it be shown off? Since it was announced at E3 this year, fans have been anticipating some sort of gameplay video. After all, they are remastered versions of three original PlayStation games. Porting them to the current-gen PS4 will be tricky, let alone a PS4 Pro.

However, we might see it sooner than we think. Sony has yet to announce another PlayStation Experience event. If one happens by the end of the year, we could see the remastered collection in action. That’s a big ?might? though, since Sony has yet to hint at the event.

Why PlayStation Experience?

The previous PlayStation Experience gave players plenty of exciting things. The first Uncharted 4 gameplay was seen in the 2014 event. That same event also unveiled Ni No Kuni 2, another game which has no new info so far. Should one happen this year ? or next year ? Sony should introduce some Crash Bandicoot PS4 remaster gameplay.

Another good reason to unveil it is because it’s a PS4 exclusive. What better place to unveil a beloved PSOne classic than the PlayStation Experience? Admittedly, E3 wouldn’t be a bad place either, but there would be more interest if it gets revealed in the PlayStation Experience.

Will The Crash Bandicoot PS4 Remaster Standout?

Honestly, the game could get buried behind other titles. There are plenty of games that have gained a lot of buzz in recent memory. Horizon Zero Dawn is a title that has got people talking. There’s also the PS4 God of War title, which was amazing to see in E3.

That being said, the Crash Bandicoot announcement did get a big reaction from the E3 audience. It’s clear that the fruit-collecting animal still has some appeal. It might not be the most anticipated game, but it will definitely appeal to the nostalgic fans.

Currently, the Crash Bandicoot PS4 remaster has no release date. The last anyone heard from it was in E3. However, a Crash-themed level will be in the new Skylanders game. It will also have Crash and his villain Cortex as playable characters. ?

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