Crash Bandicoot PS4 Remaster, Destiny 2, And The Hottest Games Rumored At PlayStation Experience 2016

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Crash Bandicoot PS4

As the PlayStation Experience 2016 starts on December 3, it is being said that the Crash Bandicoot PS4 Remaster, along with other games, will be showcased at the event. Sony is gearing up to bring some of the leading game developers on stage. The company has revealed the games coming to the show and according to them, over 100 games will be available. As the list shared by the company doesn?t include all the titles, Sony said ?there will be more once the show floor opens.?

Game developer Vicarious Visions is working on the Crash Bandicoot PS4 remaster, and the company has not showcased any gameplay footage till date. The collection was confirmed at E3 2016 and since then, nothing substantial details is out and there?s still no release date available. Bungie also hinted that the developers are heading to PlayStation Experience 2016, and teased that?”the particulars of our mission are still a mystery.” There are chances that Destiny 2 will be revealed as the company said “we?ll cross that finish line soon.”

Other than the Crash Bandicoot PS4 Remaster showcase, there are other games fans want to see at PlayStation Experience 2016. Marvel vs Capcom 4 has long been anticipated. If the recent reports are something to go by, Capcom will?reveal the game after the Street Fighter 5 tournament at PlayStation Experience 2016.

As the game developers are winding up their offerings for the year, some promises need to be made regarding the upcoming games. We know that the lineup of games coming to the show includes some secrets as well, so the speculations are high about Naughty Dogs? The Last of Us 2 and Uncharted 4 Story DLC as well.

Sony?s PS4 exclusive God of War might get a release date, and there are chances that Insomniac Games will aannounce the release date or more info about Spider-Man PS4. The speculations are high, and as we haven?t heard more about the gameplay, there are chances that the developer will showcase something. Square Enix will not be at the show,?but some still expect to see a Final Fantasy 7 Remake because the first gameplay reveal was showcased at last year’s PlayStation Experience.?

The time of the shows (US) as suggested by Sony are as follows:

  • December 3: 10:00am ? 10:00pm
  • December 4: 10:00am ? 6:00pm

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