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The beloved courtside reporter Craig Sager had been battling a serious illness for quite some time. As he passes away, some of you might be wondering what is his net worth before dying. So, let us take a brief check on Sager?s possessions and know how it all costs.

Sager is a known sideline reporter for TBS and TNT. He is also popular for wearing unique suits and shoes during work. These clothes clearly are not cheap so it is pretty much obvious that he is a wealthy man.

Moreover, before he died in Atlanta, he resided in Canton, Georgia with his wife Stacy Sager. Also living with them are their two children, Riley and Ryan. With regards to his net worth, our beloved reporter is estimated to be worth $9.5 million. His job as a TV sports broadcaster was earning him an annual salary of $1.0 million.

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Meanwhile, with regards to Craig Sager?s leukemia, he battled it for two years. It was first announced in public back in 2014 and since then, he had gone to bone marrow surgery twice. The most recent one took place on July 29 after his doctors told him that he would not last long without treatment.

However, it appears like the surgery was not enough to let him live for another year. On December 15, 2016, Turner Broadcasting announced that at age 65, Sager has passed away. It was also the same day he and his wife were celebrating their 15-year anniversary.

His son, Craig Sager Jr., led the tributes for his father. He tweeted, ?Time is simply how you live your life. We packed a lifetime and then some into these 28 years together. Pay it forward time! #SagerStrong.?

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James has also took to Twitter to express his reactions towards this tragic news. ?RIP friend!!!? said James. ?Great to have with you, known you and watch you for all these years. MY blessing to you family and many prayers sent to the heavens above! #SagerStrong.?

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The NBA is also going to pay a tribute to Sager. According to Adam Silver, teams who are playing tonight are going to observe a moment of silence for the beloved courtside reporter because Sager is ?as vital to the NBA as the players and coaches.?

The world of sports has indeed lost a great man. Craig Sager will forever be missed by his family, friends and colleagues. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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