Crackdown 3 Trailer Released, 100% Destructible Environment Wows Microsoft Gamescom Crowd

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Microsoft surely made an impression during their 2015 Gamescom conference today with a stellar showing of their Xbox One Exclusive Crackdown 3, aided by cloud technology to enable 100% destructible environments.

Crackdown 3 is touted to bring both an amazing ?revolutionary multiplayer? and an ?ultimate sandbox experience? inside its great looking neon-lit metropolis which can wholly be levelled with firearms. The trailer shows its destructible capabilities as users can destroy simple objects such as glass doors and barriers to blowing pieces of buildings? structure to wholly towering them down.

The Crackdown 3 trailer from Gamescom?says they are now able to deliver on their original promise as they are being aided by cloud technology to boost the computation power of the Xbox One by 20 times more. The Cloud technology used to power Crackdown 3?s destructible prowess includes Microsoft Cloud Azure and Cloudgine.

You can watch the Gamescom Crackdown 3 trailer here:

How Does Cloud Technology Power Crackdown?s Destruction?

According to Cloudgine, they provide tools and expertise to bring a new ?revolutionary paradigm?.

?By leveraging the immense power available within data centres, computationally intensive game components such as physics and A.I. can be supercharged in order to deliver game experiences that go well beyond what any console or PC can offer now or in the future.?

Uses of 100% Destruction?

The game?was first announced at E3 2014 and it has now seemed to have improved its graphical capabilities immensely.

The game promises to capitalize on destruction to obliterate your enemy?s cover and bring down the entire place where your enemy is at. You can also make buildings crash on top of your enemies.

The 100% destructible elements feature however was only announced for multiplayer gameplay. It is yet to be known if it will be available in the single player campaign.

The Gamescom trailer shows users can destroy buildings.

The Gamescom trailer shows users can destroy buildings.

The game?will also bring a 4-person co-operative gameplay with ‘cutting-edge weapons’, mechs, and transforming vehicles, Microsoft News reported.

The game is looking to bring a spectacular multiplayer experience, the animations however still doesn’t look good enough, but the trailer shown was in the pre-alpha stage so it may still be improved over time.

The original Crackdown game released on the Xbox 360 and gamers were treated with a great open world gameplay where users control an agent who has superhuman-like abilities due to bio engineering. This ability enables players to leap high into the air and rain mayhem onto enemies by throwing cars and raining bullets on enemies

The game will be developed by its original creators, Dave Jones.

Other Games That Uses Destructible Environments

Destructible environments is no longer new in video games as titles like 3rd person shooter Red Faction Guerilla (PS3, Xbox 360, PC) which was released in 2009 and is known for its physics system to realistically take down buildings.

The FPS Battlefield series is also well-known for destructibility, especially its latest entry Battlefield 4 (PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC) released in 2013 which coined the term ?levolution?. The game great looking set-piece looking destruction as it enables users both in singleplayer and multiplayer to crash environments and even buildings like large skyscrapers against enemies. The game however does not fully feature 100% destructible environments.

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