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Crackdown 3 Release Date: Why Was The Game Delayed?

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Crackdown 3

The Crackdown 3 release was expected sometime this year, but according to Reagent Games creative director Dave Jones, the studio has pushed back the game?s launch to 2017. The studio suggests that the development team could not release the game until next year, and Crackdown 3 will become a part of the Play Anywhere initiative. Play Anywhere will allow players to swap back and forth between PC (Windows 10) and Xbox One.

Crackdown 3 is an upcoming third-person shooter bringing multiplayer experience in a futuristic game setting. On the game?s official website, Jones wrote that the studio will launch the game next year and that the delay was due to challenges in development. According to Jones, the studio has taken this decision to ensure better gaming experience for PC and Xbox One players. Players will be able to purchase one copy of the game and play it on both Xbox One and PC.

?It has become clear that our original timeline of delivering multiplayer to fans this summer, while maintaining the size, scope and quality of the game, would be challenging,” Jones said in the official blog post.

Fans were waiting for the game to appear at E3 2016 last week, but the studio didn?t take part in the event. Those looking forward to the game will have to wait a little longer, but what Jones said indicates that the extra time will be beneficial for both players and the studio. The game is being developed at a large scale and Reagent Games is making sure that they will deliver something players have never seen before, Jones added. According to the developer, sticking to the original release timeline would compromise this goal, which the developer obviously doesn?t want to do.

There?s no specific Crackdown 3 release date revealed by the studio. We expect that the studio might announce a beta session before the official launch of the game. However, the studio hasn?t confirmed anything regarding the Crackdown 3 beta or official release.

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