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Crackdown 3 News ‘On The Horizon’, Devs To ‘Bring The Boom’

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Crackdown 3 Preview
A Showcase Of The Art Style In Crackdown 3 [Image Courtesy Of Crackdown 3 Website]

Xbox One owners have a lot to be excited about for this year as it looks like the next Crackdown game is finally due out soon. After years in the rumor mill and in development limbo, Crackdown 3 might be ready to launch within the months to come. A recent tweet by the developer only fires up the hype leading up to the game soon.

Reagent Games recently took to Twitter to tease that there are some new info to be revealed soon. Players should be pretty excited as something big could be revealed soon as the developer teases that they are indeed ready to “bring the boom.” No release frame has been set for the upcoming announcement, but it could come in the days or weeks to follow.

From what we’re seeing, the developer might be revealing more new details about the gameplay of the upcoming Crackdown 3 and the developer could showcase some of the new features being introduced in the sequel. Another likely case is that the developer might finally unveil the Xbox One exclusive’s release date in the upcoming announcement.

When Scalebound was cancelled earlier this year, Microsoft assured fans that it still had big exclusives coming out in 2017. The big titles it touted are Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves.

Game Details

Crackdown 3 is going to be developed by UK studio Reagent Games along with Sumo Digital and Cloudgine. It’s going to be the third installment in the open world series that featured fast-paced action, crazy gunplay, and a unique and memorable art style. It’s one of the most anticipated Xbox One exclusives out there and players are anticipating the shooter’s release.

The upcoming sequel will have another ambitious open world like in the previous games. The highlight of the gameplay will remain on the damage and destruction that players can cause in the provided open world. With an array of weapons and other items at hand, players can pretty much cause as much damage as they want in the game.

Players will be in control of agents that are very agile, powerful, and skilled in combat. When it comes to exploring, players can go about the open world on foot, car and even through the air. These factors with the weapons and the destructible open world combined will hopefully make way for a new exciting shooter on Xbox One and PC. 

Aside from the upcoming info by Reagent Games, the developer is likely readying for big things at the upcoming E3 2017. Hopefully, we get a release date at either of the two announcements.

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