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Crackdown 3 Gamescom 2016: Will We See Microsoft’s Shooter This Year?

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Crackdown 3

This year, Microsoft has not shared any concrete details about Crackdown 3. One of the Microsoft?s major exclusive titles, Crackdown 3, has already been delayed, and developer Reagent Games did not even bring it to E3 this year. The company has even decided to ditch Gamescom 2016 this year for its own Xbox Fanfest Experience event.

The developer has not shared anything concrete about the game and its schedule for any hands-on experience. However, Microsoft Xbox?s marketing manager Aaron Greenberg clarified that they will not bring Crackdown 3 in 2016 because the company has already made decisions on this year?s lineup of games, so fans expecting its release will be disappointed.

Now that Microsoft has already confirmed the company?s absence from Gamescom 2016, there is very small chance that the company will release the game this year. The company?s own gaming event will be full of hands-on experience and gameplay demos. Microsoft is also bringing some of the biggest titles this holiday, such as Dead Rising 4, Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 and ReCore. There is a very small chance that Crackdown 3 would be able to secure a place among these titles especially as Microsoft will not be holding a presentation at the event.

With such big titles coming this year and beyond, Microsoft will certainly ditch some of the highly anticipated third party titles including Crackdown 3. The company has already said that they do not want this game to be ?crammed? into Microsoft?s lineup of games for 2016.

Earlier this year, creative director Dave Jones promised fans that the company will show ?the future of Crackdown 3 soon,? but since then, not even a single substantial information came out from the studio. The game will have a beta gameplay session before its final release, and there is slim chance that it will happen this year. The game will be available on Xbox One and PC next year.

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