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Crackdown 3: Developers Confirm Terry Crews’ “Over-The-Top” Image In Gameplay

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Crackdown 3
Source: Crackdown 3 – E3 2017 – Official 4K Trailer video

Crackdown 3 developers shared their admiration for Terry Crews, saying he has contributed much to the character building in the upcoming game scheduled to launch on November 7, 2017. He’s both built up characters to his known overly macho standard and the developers even had to allot a rank beyond Crackdown’s maximum level to classify his character in the title.

According to IGN‘s interview with the developers, Terry Crews has been a great part of Crackdown 3’s creative process. So far, the devs say he’s contributed more than providing voice work for the title. He’s also done motion capture to act out his character, Commander Jaxon.

The developers confirm that Crackdown 3 players are classified into five levels of agents, with Level 1 being the lowest. However, Crews’ character exists beyond this classification as the developers confirm they had to add a “Level 6” rank for his character alone. “But after working with Terry (Crews), we all kinda huddled together and we were like ‘This is not enough.’ Terry is more than a Level 5. We need a level 6 Terry suit,” said the developers.

So far, Crews has been making waves in the video game industry. Before his prominence in Crackdown 3, he volunteered to take the role of Doomfist in Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. Many fans were hyped as most of his roles in film were muscle-bound action flick badasses or characters who use physicality and over-the-top masculinity to deliver humor. However, he wasn’t picked to voice Doomfist which left many fans disappointed, though many  still like Overwatch’s new character.

Aside from having Crews in Crackdown 3, his character is also confirmed to be playable in the title. For now, we’ve yet to know if Crews will have a great character in the title, both in gameplay and for its plot. Stay updated with more Crackdown 3 news here on The BitBag.

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