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Crackdown 3 Beta Also Gets Delayed?

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Crackdown 3 has been silently delayed to 2017, but the game was supposed to get a beta in Summer of 2016. There?s been information regarding the game?s beta registration, but with little to no information about the testing, it seems that the Reagent Games has delayed the beta as well. Publisher Microsoft Studios remains silent on the Crackdown 3 beta schedule, and it looks like the upcoming third-person shooter is not entering into beta anytime soon.

According to the developer, the game is delayed because the studio wants extra time to work on the game. On its official blog, the developer already confirmed that the game will be available as a Play Anywhere title for PC and Xbox One. The developer also assured players that it is planning to showcase something very soon, but it didn?t mention when the beta will take place.

The studio didn?t even bring the game at E3 2016, and it could be safe to say that those waiting for the Crackdown 3 beta might have to wait until later this year or next year. However, Microsoft Studios is keeping mum on the subject, and the company has made some adjustments in its release schedule for 2017. The studio is launching some of its major games in 2017 including Halo Wars 2, State of Decay 2, and Crackdown 3.

Although the company stated in its official blog that it will present something new about the future of the game very soon, its silence is making fans believe that the company has delayed the beta, as the game has been set to ?release in 2017. ?Nonetheless, there?s still a couple of highly anticipated Xbox One games this year. Titles such as Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, and ReCore will surely tide the attention of fans until the game releases next year.

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