Counter Strike Player Frags Using A Wheel Controller

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Killed You With A Wheel - Gamer
Killed You With A Wheel – Gamer

In playing first person multiplayer games, there are dozens of things you can do to add insult to virtual injury you cause on your opponents, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive is not an exception to this rule. You can choose to kill an unsuspecting opponent with a knife instead of finishing the job using a gun or a silenced pistol at point-blank range. All of it just because you can without flinching or having to struggle to reach him/her. Some could even try extreme stuff, like playing the game with one hand. Some fellows in GameMuscleVideos had an even better idea about this handicapping and did something relatively new in terms of making the game ?challenging?. They played Counter Strike: Global Offensive using a wheel controller.

Killed You With A Wheel – Gamer Muscle Challenge

The purpose of the video was to see if the wheel would actually work with the game and it did, but with great limitations. The first thing is that the player cannot look up or down, just turn their heads left and right and the only movement they can do was forward and backward. No side steps or strafing.

But there was more to just trying to get things working, another goal they had in mind was to see if they could get anywhere besides being in the last place, and in fact, they just did. To whoever went to the last place, that player must have felt so bad if he found out that somebody using a wheel as a controller topped him. As for others who have seen their names on the screen saying that they were fragged by ?KILLED YOU WITH A WHEEL?, it must have been a mixed reaction of shame and feeling hilarious.

The narration on the video couldn?t be any more apt to suit how funny it was, but just the fact alone that the wheel controller actually works, is already amusing.

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