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Could gold protect you from any future recessions?

Gold prices reached record high in recessions.

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  • Gold prices surged during the 2020 and 2008 global recessions
  • Gold is deemed as a source of financial stability as it appreciates in value over time
  • Buy insured gold completely online, stored and manufactured in a government-owned mint

The ongoing 2020 pandemic has rattled the market multiple times, leading to billions of dollars in losses. At the same time, however, new and budding sectors have outperformed others.

In real estate, the housing sector has reached a record-breaking demand, for example. The nationwide transition to frozen food and digital products has also significantly led to a rise in demand for logistic and industrial buildings, cold storage, medical offices, and data centers. Other usually stable sectors like general offices and hotels could still take a while to recover.

Even if real estate is less volatile to stocks, cryptocurrency, and ETFs; the $33 trillion dollar industry is still susceptible to market devaluation just like stocks and government-issued currency like the Dollar and Euro. The previous global recession in 2008 was triggered in the real estate sector and took many years to recover.

How Gold Reacts Differently to Market Sentiment

Surprisingly, gold surged at a record pace to breach the $2,000 mark soon after the pandemic began. Gold has a universal demand with a limited quantity and is often viewed as a sign of financial wealth, stability, as well as a buffer to investment portfolios during market upheavals.

Without any attachments to market sentiments, gold prices have been holding a stable climb reaching record prices since recessions in the last four decades. High exchangeability, easier access, and growing demand due to natural human affinity towards gold have kept the asset ahead of rising inflation with a good appreciation rate for ages.

Free from banking restrictions and limitations, you can conduct business in gold anywhere in the world and benefit from wealth creation as gold prices continue to appreciate in value over time. When the market is erratic, a gold value surge could significantly offset your investment losses. Here’s how to buy gold directly from a government mint:

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Vaulted is backed by an experienced team that has managed over $2.5 billion in precious metal transactions. They strive to offer a seamless experience and query resolution while making sure of evolving app security and frequent security audits.

They charge transaction fees of up to 1.8 percent and an annual accounts maintenance fee of 0.4 percent for safe storage of your holdings. Insured gold also means that your holdings will be protected against theft, damages, and misplacements. Furthermore, if you get your holdings delivered to your home, the annual fee will go away.