Cortana From Windows 8.1 Update Is Said to Rise Above Siri

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Cortana from Windows 8.1 Update Is Said to Rise Above Siri

Microsoft has not come up with Cortana earlier to join the hype, but experts suggest that it will come out as better and as bigger than the existing smartphone assistants.

Google Now and Siri are among the top-notch phone assistants today. The company says that they are working within a level that is at par with their performance, but they are willing to add more features to it. To make things more precise and more reliable for this innovation, Microsoft studied real human assistants. They would get ideas from what could be happening in real-life situations between secretaries and their bosses.

Some of the Better Features for the Better Experience

Cortana is not out in the market yet, but it is already receiving several reviews from those who have access to it. They say that it does its best to do what could be more convenient and more appealing because it does things that you would want your secretaries to do.

Even the simplest things such as congratulating you when you are doing something good, reminding you to greet your wife during special occasions, and a whole lot more can be done by this new ?secretary?. It has a more personal approach, too.

What Is Its Edge Among Others

As what was mentioned, this new program is based on real personal secretaries. Secretaries are known to be very flexible. Also, they can take work even if you just piled one on them. The same goes for Cortana. Give it two to three commands and it will deliver.

However, there is just one thing that could change the way you look at it. At first, it is not as good as the others. It could be too slow in processing all the information at the beginning, but it will eventually get better. These first few weeks are known to be the stage where the program collects information about the user. These materials will be used as they get along.

Sooner or later, Cortana will be suggesting and booking flights for you, giving you articles that you are fond of reading, and a whole lot more. It will work even without commands from the owner when this happens.

There is a really good potential for Cortana to beat every other secretary in the market. The company will just to polish some of its flaws to make it more marketable. How about you? Were you impressed?

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