Cortana For Android: What Can She Do?

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Microsoft has officially released Cortana to the public for Android beta. With the early version of the Cortana for android leaking last month, users are excited to see what new things are in store for their Android devices. The companion for your phone is now ready and available for all Android devices in public beta, according to the Windows blog.

Cortana for Android

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?The Cortana app can do most of the things Cortana does on your PC or on a Windows phone. With the app, you can manage your hectic lifestyle by setting and getting reminders, searching the web on-the-go, tracking important information such as flight details as well as starting and completing tasks across all of your devices,? posted by Windows.

Another big addition to the Cortana app is ?the ability for Cortana to replace Google Now when you press the Android home button on a handset,? shared by the Verge. You will also see some differences between the Windows environment of Cortana and the one on the Android. Features such as toggling setting, opening apps, or when citing Cortana by saying ?Hey Cortana? is only available on Windows, according to the blog. But of course there?s always room for development. ?As with all betas, we are continually improving the experience and will incorporate feedback along the way.?

?Since we launched the closed beta, we?ve also made several improvements to the experience including the ability to set Cortana as the destination for the home button press,? the blog added. With this inclusion, the access to your ?personal digital assistant? will be one click away.

Cortana for?Android is currently downloadable in the U.S. only, but plans for production in other markets globally are still going on. For this who haven?t downloaded the Android companion yet, you can access the Cortana App in this link.

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