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Cord Cutting: A New Trend on Cable TV and Its Alternatives

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When my mother asked me why there isn?t a single good show on TV that she can watch while I?m away, I told her we?re not on cable. She asked, why not? And for a second there, I thought indeed, why not?

Years ago, we had cable TV. Yes, the one with a cord. Then things became busier that I ever hardly stayed at home and I noticed how I constantly pay my cable bill without actually using it, so I opted out and removed it.

Here are two cable tv alternatives that you can use instead of getting expensive cable bundles.

Google?s streaming stick (Chromecast) initially came out with a $49 price. The low tag prompted many to consider it, because of its user friendly provisions. Similar to the Roku Streaming Stick, it also caters torrent from Hulu Plus, HBO GO and Netflix.

There are also other ways you can watch live streams through smart phones with internet bundles, but in which streaming sticks can only satisfy you on bigger screens.

Cable can be a little bit costly especially if you?re eyeing for a first-rate package. I can honestly say this based from experience. But cutting the cord, I have to say will not assure you of getting a cheaper deal as there are several things that can affect the rate of your cable.

The Roku Streaming Stick that costs around $50 is a gadget that you can insert on the cable port at the back of your plasma TV. ?You can stream or torrent various music, videos and movies from numerous subscription ports online such as SPotify, Hulu Plus, Netflix and others. The $50 dollar rate is for the stick alone. You will need to have individual subscriptions from online stores regarding the shows you may want to see.

Its uncomplicated system, simplicity and the speed is what makes it so straightforward. It?s basically a plug and play thing.

It may not be as flawless as the Apple TV, but the fact that you can put your choice of data into your Roku stick makes it more endearing to say you can watch your videos on your 50? TV.

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