Cops Fistbump When Man Dies After Getting Gagged and Arrested

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Cops Fistbump
Cops Fistbump

The family of Ben Anthony C de Baca is filing a wrongful death lawsuit. This after victim was cuffed, gagged and put on his stomach while three police officers’ knees were on his back. After he died, two cops ?fistbumped? and it was caught on cam.

As published by the Daily Beast, C de Baca was in McDonald’s drive-thru when he told his wife there was a body in the trunk of their car. His wife tried to humor him, promising him she’ll check it out. Then C de Baca stepped on the accelerator which sent them smashing into the rear bumper of another car. Afterwards the Rio Rancho Police was alerted. Shortly after, police officers from there followed C de Baca to a Walmart nearby. In here, Santa Ana and Bernalillo Police Departments will soon respond to a 911 call made by the employees.

While he was being apprehended, cops are heard on video referring to C de Baca in profanity-filled language. This after he bit one of the officers in the leg. One of the cops said, “This cunt fuck bit the cuk out of me, dude. I had to punch his ass off of me.” Afterwards, the cops placed a ?spit sock? which is a clear mesh hood over C de Baca’s head. This is to prevent him from biting other cops. Then he was placed on shackles and placed on his stomach. He gave the officers his name when asked. But then he began crying out that he could not breathe. Officers ignored him and continued asking questions.

C de Baca: “I can’t breathe.”

Officer: “Anthony, what’s your date of birth?”

C de Baca: “I can’t breathe.”

Officer: “What’s your date of birth?”

No Value for Life

Meanwhile, Ahmad Assed, lawyer of C de Baca’s family, said that the officers lacked concern on the death of the man. They were even seen fist bumping after his demise. He felt that C de Baca being hogtied, dragged out, placed face down with three cops kneeing him on the back were absolutely unnecessary. The man was screaming for his life saying he can’t breathe and he’s hurt. And, they completely ignored him.

He believed the spit sock was used inappropriately. In a manual on the spit sock from the Bernalillo Police Department, it is stated that the only purpose of the device is to stop a detainee from spitting. It also gave a warning against putting handcuffed detainees on their stomach.

It says, “When Deputies are faced with prisoners who spit, have spat, or indicate they are likely to spit, the following procedures will be followed…No other methods will be utilized to control or prevent this action. The Transportation Hood will only be used to deter spitting and will NOT be used for any other purpose…Deputies will seek immediate medical attention for the prisoner if signs or symptoms of cocaine psychosis, excited delirium or positional asphyxia are observed.”

There was an internal investigation conducted by the law enforcement. In here, the officers were said to have acted properly in detaining C de Baca. However, in a separate investigation done by the Sandoval County District Attorney’s office, the cops may yield charges. Watch the video and see for yourself.

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