Coolpad’s Ivvi Smartphone Visits TENAA, Not As Thin As Reported

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The unannounced Coolpad Ivvi smartphone model has a 4.7mm display, not 4.7mm body as early reports noted. (Image courtesy of TENAA)

The Vivo X5 Max can now sit comfortably in its proverbial throne as the unannounced Ivvi smartphone from Coolpad apparently does not intend to be the next thinnest smartphone in the world.

Not as thin as expected

A lot of reports from various websites mentioned that Coolpad?s upcoming smartphone model under the Ivvi sub-brand has a incredibly thin 4.7mm body. That would effectively strip off Vivo X5 Max?s title of being the world?s slimmest phone at 4.8mm, which itself had taken from the Oppo R5 (4.9mm).

Vivo?s slim handset may have to thank TENAA for easing its anxiety. The Chinese telecommunications certification agency has recently approved an unspecified Ivvi model from Coolpad. In the listing, said handset is labeled with a significantly thicker 7.9mm body. If you carefully inspect the specs list, you may notice that ?4.7? is used to describe the model?s display (in inches).

Coolpad Ivvi model specs

The Ivvi handset?s TENAA visit also shed light to some of its specifications. While it has a relatively thick body, it has barely-there side bezels to compensate. The rest of the specs sheet points to mid-range device. As such, you can find 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB of expandable memory, Android 4.4 KitKat and the usual connectivity features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It pay to note that this model is able to support 4G LTE.

On the photography front, Coolpad?s soon-to-be released phone will sport an 8MP main camera and a 5MP front snapper. Its 4.7-inch display, meanwhile, has a rather disappointing 960×540 pixel resolution.

Upcoming Coolpad Ivvi phone has relatively thick 7.9mm body (Image courtesy of TENAA)

Upcoming Coolpad Ivvi phone has relatively thick 7.9mm body (Image courtesy of TENAA)


Now that the smoke has cleared, we may still have to wait some more for another device maker to beat Vivo?s entry. Though it may be disappointing that this Ivvi handset is thicker than most recent models, it may be worth checking out if Coolpad decided to tag it with the right price. Given that it has already made its way to TENAA, it won?t be long until we see this device being displayed on online and offline retail shelves.


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