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iPhone Camera (Image Credit DigitalRev TV YouTube)
iPhone Camera (Image Credit DigitalRev TV YouTube)

This coming autumn, iOS 8 will give iPhones a feature-packed camera app that will greatly enhance the default one on the previous iOS version. This is intended for both iPhone photographers and casual shooters, and will also be available on other devices like iPad and iPod touch.

So how exactly is the new camera app for iOS going to be? It?ll give users full control of ISO, Shutter Speed, Temperature, Tint and more. Another addition will be Apple?s ?Smart Composition Tools? that will aid snappers in straightening the horizons on their photos. This may not be that groundbreaking as there are some apps that do this already, but not when Apple provides it itself. Apple will also offer individual tools for those who want to tweak their shots and photos.

Another cool feature will be the new Time-Lapse mode for iPhone. iOS 6 introduced the 240-degree panoramic photos with its camera app, but iOS 8 is doing it better. It lets take photos at ?dynamic selected intervals? to create videos. Creating panoramas are easier this way.

For those who seek further customization and enhancement with their photos and videos, Apple?s iOS 8 is also going to make things much more streamlined by allowing users to use third party apps for effects and filters without the need of closing down other apps.

These app extensions that Apple refers to as ?extensibility? means that certain add-on apps for photos and videos need not to be as a standalone app, but instead, act as a system extension to the built-in camera app on iOS 8. This will encourage app developers to focus more on creating new stuff, rather than creating what Apple is already implementing with their core apps on iOS 8.

With all these great additions to how users can control their phone?s camera with iOS 8, third party developers need not to worry that much as Apple won?t be offering optional lenses, filters, frames, etc. At least not for now.

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