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Cool Pokemon GO Plus Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Pokemon GO Plus

Pokemon GO has become such a phenomenon that almost everywhere you can see people with their smartphones out playing the game. That can sometimes be a hassle though when you are in a crowded area of when you are riding your bike. Thankfully, Nintendo has released the Pokemon GO Plus which is a handy new accessory that you can use together with your smartphone to play the game.

The Pokemon GO Plus is a wearable accessory that you can use as a bracelet or as a pin on your clothing. While initially people were skeptical about how much functionality the accessory will have, it has actually several features which many did not anticipate. Here is a list of some cool Pokemon GO Plus features that you probably did not know about.

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  • It Tracks Distance for Pokemon Eggs and the Buddy System ? When it was first launched, the wearable accessory was not confirmed to have any GPS functionality. This certainly made Pokemon GO fans disappointed as tracking the distance walked for hatching eggs and the new buddy system are very important. Thankfully, Niantic Labs confirmed via Twitter recently that indeed the Pokemon GO Plus can track the distance you have traveled without having to turn your smartphone on. This is certainly a major plus and is one reason alone to buy this handy new accessory.

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  • You Can Catch New Pokemon ? During the initial introduction of the Pokemon GO Plus months ago, it was said that users cannot catch Pokemon they have not caught before using the accessory. This was a major bummer for gamers as catching new Pokemon is a big part of the game. Luckily, Forbes reports that the accessory can actually catch new Pokemon too. The light on the accessory will flash yellow if you a new Pokemon has spawned near you which will give you a chance to catch it as well.

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  • It Gives You XP for Checking In at Pokestops ? Some may think that the Pokemon GO Plus only gets the items that players would get by visiting Pokestops. That is actually not the only thing that the accessory can do. It can likewise spin the Pokestop for you and get the XP that comes with it.

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Certainly these are some amazing features that make the Pokemon GO Plus an exciting accessory to have if you are an avid fan of the game. Be sure to check it out and enjoy playing Pokemon GO even without your smartphone out.

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